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RV Decks & Stairs is a joint venture between HCCR  out of Fountain Hills, AZ and  Steel Works  out of Henderson, Nevada.  We have two standard model lines: StairSafe– Decks & Stairs and StairLite– Stairs & Railing without decks. StairSafe models have stairs that can be set up as center, left or right side entry. We  have StairSafe models with deck sizes (40x40, 40x60) and StairLite models with 5 standard height sizes that will fit most any 5th wheel, travel trailer, motorhome, truck camper, Park Model or Tiny home. Total unit assembles and disassembles in 5 minutes or less and fits in most RV storage compartments. New Products/Options 2018: PK– Ground Level Pet Kennel, DS-Deck skirting, TD– Trex composite decking.



Stairs are 10 inches deep

Stair width is 30 inches

Stair Risers are 7 inches. (5,6 inch custom)

Free Standing and portable.

Decks are 40x40 or 40x60  (inches)

High quality, commercial grade, meets ADA standards.


Frame paint is Black . Desert Sand (Khaki) Option


Deck & Stairs:  Non Slip raised metal is standard. We recommend any of the deck and stair options below if you have Pets.


Deck Options:  Carpet, 15x15 interlocking, self draining, non slip SwissTrax Tiles, Trex decking.


Stair Options: Carpet, SwissTrax, Trex composite


Models fit RV door threshold Heights from 14 to 49 inches


Stairs from 2 ,3, 4 , 5  or 6 steps depending on  height selection of  14, 21, 28, 35 or 42 inches .



Key Features:


Floor/Steps: Non slip raised metal.


Entry: any StairSafe units stairs  can be setup as center, left or right  entry.


Railings: std deck & stairs.


Adjustable deck and stair leg option.


Decks can be interconnected to create larger decks, multiple stairs.


Easy <5 minute assembly and portable.


Can be stored in most RV compartments or our hitch based Cargo Carrier.


Child safety/Pet kennel  option with lockable gate.


Stair & railing (StairLite) only option for very mobile customers that have large steps, low risers and sturdy railings.


Modular design provides for size scalability and simple assembly. Multiple decks and/or stairs in many configurations.




StairSafe (Decks):     40X40 (D40)

                        40X60 (D60)

 Our modular design allows for additional stairs, deck or decks can be added to D40 or D60 decks.


Height with deck: (21)  3 steps

                               (28)  4 steps 

                               (35)  5 steps

                               (42)  6 steps

Fits 21 to 49 inch RV door threshold.


StairLite (No Decks): S (14,21,28,35)30L stairs and railings that  travel lite assemble in 3 minutes. One stair railings. 2,3,4,5 step standard  models.





Adjustable legs:  (A6-StairSafe, A4-StairLite) up to 4 inch individual screw type leg adjustment on deck and stair legs.


Pet Kennel/Child Safe Option: ( C) lockable deck gate with deck balusters at 4 inch  spacing. 


Pet Friendly: (PR02) Pet ramp for both deck and stairlite models and stand alone use for SUV, Van, etc. StairSafe-Deck models have (PRDK) pet ramp access gate. Add option (C) and you also have a Deck Level kennel. (PK) is a new ground Level kennel that integrates with deck level kennel or can be used stand alone.

If you have Pets we recommend Carpet  or SwissTrax tiles with pet ramp and carpet on steps .


Redwood Stair Railing Caps: ( WL14-35) Make stair railings cool to the touch in hot summer sun plus add’s an awesome look to your StairSafe or StairLite model.


Custom Deck: (CD) Carpet Grey or Tan.  (NT)  15x15  interlocking, self draining SwissTrax tile. (TD) Trex composite decking.


Custom Stairs: (CR) Custom step Risers between 5-6 inches.  (CS) Grey or Tan carpet.  (NT) SwissTrax tiles. TD-Trex Composite.


Plaques: (P-XXXX) Custom customer name plates for deck and stairlite models or RV.



Cargo Carrier: (CC) Custom carrier for StairSafe and StairLite units. Units attaches to hitch on trailer or Motor home and contains all tie down components to carry your unit.













Pricing: 3/1/18


StairSafe: (Deck with Stairs)

Model            Price

D402130       $925  

D402830       $1,030     

D403530       $1,115

D404230       $1,195

D602130       $1,120    

D602830       $1,230 

D603530       $1,335

D604230       $1,445

StairLite: (No Decks with one stair railing)

Model            Price

S1430L         $325

S2130L         $425

S2830L         $515

S3530L         $625


See Pricing link above

For model selection  and Pricing for all models,

options and accessories.



Special Custom Options:  Handicap options, special configurations, paint colors, extra steps, custom width steps, risers, heights, etc…  Call or email for custom quote


FOB:Hendersen, NV


We ship to anywhere in USA or Canada. 


Factory  Direct to Customer.



Our market is existing owners and new  buyers of  RV’s (Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels , Truck campers, Tiny Homes & Park Models) and any application that requires free standing  deck and/or Stairs (SPA’s, Pools, commercial trailers & RV’s, Step Van’s, Stages, etc.) for  safer entry and exit to their units .



We have an awesome quality product  that is USA made , sold factory direct , ships anywhere in USA and  our customer service is exceptional.  New! Looking for RV Resorts that want to add rentals of our StairSafe units as a service for their customers. Contact  Len Hofmann for details on RV Resort Rental Program.


Order or Quote today  via  Mail in order form (ORDER FORM) or simply phone: 480-837-4927 or email lhofmann@hofmannccr.com for additional information.


Made in the USA


Thank you for stopping by and hopefully we can earn your business.


Bill Wisher - Steel Works and Len Hofmann -HCCR RV  Products 

Add Safe Entry to your RVTaking RV  Steps to a Totally New Level

StairLite Model

S282L  Options: A4, Xsr28

StairSafe Model         

D402830BN  Options: C, A6, PRDK,

NT-40, WL21, PR01


StairSafe Models

D603530TN  Options: A6-Adj Legs, NT-60-SwissTrax deck tiles,Wl28, WL130– Redwood caps deck and stairs, CS-4-Carpet Steps


StairSafe Model         

D603530BN  Options: A6,  CD60, CS-4,



StairSafe Model         

D603530BN  Options: XD60-2nd deck, 3rd D403530BN  (3-decks)


StairSafe Model         

D403530BN  Options: A6, WL28



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